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Scrambler Therapy: An Innovative Neuromodulation Approach to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.


The availability of effective treatment for CRPS is quite
limited. Attempts to manage CRPS through the use of various
medications (including opiates) have been a disaster with estimates of
over 60% addiction rates. Until now neuromodulation has had limited
positive impact and implantable devices are quite expensive.
Scrambler Therapy is an innovative form of surface neuromodulation
that is based in cybernetic and information theory. Research to date
has demonstrated excellent outcomes with pain reduction rates over
75% in most cases. This investigation applied ST to 2 diagnostic
groups with neuropathic pain (CRPS and Neuralgia). These patients
were treated in the normal course of business in a specialized chronic
pain treatment program (Calmar Pain Relief, LLC) and then followed
for 6 months after the last treatment. The results were highly
significant within and also at follow-up. ST is a low cost and highly
effective non-invasive treatment for neuropathic chronic pain
syndrome, and in particular CRPS, that not only relieves intractable
pain but also eliminates the chronic pain syndrome.”

Written by Calmare Pain Relief Solutions August 27, 2013