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Nerve Root Compression Treatment in Staten Island, NY

Calmare Pain Relief Solutions offers treatment for nerve root compression to the residents of Staten Island, Brooklyn, and the surrounding communities in New York.

What is nerve root compression?

Nerve root compression is when the nerves of the spine are compressed and irritated. It is a painful condition that can occur from disease or after an injury to the spine, and no matter how the nerve root became compressed, the result is always pain.

The main symptom of nerve root compression is pain. Most people experience this pain directly in the area of the nerve. They also will feel pain through their legs and sometimes in their buttocks. The pain tends to worsen when walking, which causes people to have difficulty walking long distances. Also, in rare cases, the functions of the bowel and bladder can be affected. The symptoms of nerve root compression can vary among individuals, depending upon which nerve is affected.

Determining the severity of the nerve root compression can be difficult, however, and will require a thorough evaluation by one of our back specialists.

How is nerve root compression treated?

The condition may be treated with Calmare® Therapy, a non-narcotic, non-invasive medical procedure for the treatment of chronic pain. For more information about Calmare® Therapy, please click here.

Who is a candidate for treatment?

People who experience a pain in their back, through their legs, or in their buttocks may be candidates for treatment, which can be determined after a series of diagnostic tests that your doctor will order, such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRI imaging. Also, if the pain you experience causes you to have difficulty walking long distances, you could be a candidate.

What is the recovery process?

Following the prescribed treatment, the condition may resolve immediately or may take a bit longer, depending on the severity of the condition prior to treatment. That is why it is important to seek treatment immediately upon symptom onset. On average, however, it takes the typical patient about six weeks to recover.

Patients are under medical management during the recovery phase with an emphasis on minimizing and reducing pharmaceutical usage.

Calmare Pain Relief Solutions offers non-narcotic, non-invasive options for the treatment of nerve root compression to the residents of Staten Island, Brooklyn, and the surrounding communities in New York.

Our team of physicians, who boast more than 30 years of combined experience in neuropathy and are certified in the administration of Calmare® Therapy, is specially trained to help you manage and treat a number of pain conditions, including back pain, chest pain, neck pain, and nerve pain, as well as the pain often associated with cancer treatment. We also treat other painful conditions such as pain associated with shingles, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).To schedule a consultation with one of our specialists, call Calmare Pain Relief Solutions at 718-984-9020.

Written by Calmare Pain Relief Solutions August 21, 2013