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Recommended Treatment Protocol

All patients are evaluated by our medical staff of physicians.  If Calmare Therapy is indicated, patients will undergo a short trial of care to determine if the treatment is effective in reducing the patient’s pain.  Most patients respond with within 5 treatments and the average number of visits do vary on a case by case basis.  Some complex cases may need follow up treatments if the pain returns. Most patients complete their Calmare Therapy Treatment Protocol with 5-10 treatments.

What is the Treatment Protocol?

Patients receive a prescription from their doctor to receive treatments as an outpatient procedure. Each treatment steadily diminishes the pain intensity of the patient. During treatment, a patient is treated at a level that removes pain and doesn’t cause discomfort.

  • For patients with neuropathic pain: 10-12 daily treatments of 30-45 minutes are scheduled during which the patient is connected to the device.
  • For patients with oncologic pain: 10-12 treatments are scheduled based on the patient’s pain control needs.
Written by Calmare Pain Relief Solutions August 21, 2013