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Spinal Stenosis (Neck) in Staten Island, NY

Calmare Pain Relief Solutions offers treatment for spinal stenosis to the residents of Staten Island, Brooklyn, and the surrounding communities in New York.

What is spinal stenosis?

Spinal stenosis is a painful condition that usually occurs when the spinal column begins to narrow. This causes an increasing amount of pressure on the spinal cord.

Usually attributed to age, its symptoms seem to worsen over time and not all at once. Sometimes the pain is worse on one particular side of the body, and numbness, weakness, and cramping may begin to occur. The symptoms of spinal stenosis usually develop when walking or standing for any length of time, and the pain usually decreases as the person leans forward or sits down. Other symptoms include lack of bladder and bowel control and poor balance when trying to walk or stand.

Spinal stenosis causes another major source of neck pain, when nerve openings inside the spinal column become narrowed, causing a squeezing effect and increasing the overall pressure inside the column.

Long-term swelling increases the overall inflammation that already exists in the spine, making it increasingly harder to treat as the person ages.

How is spinal stenosis treated?

The condition may be treated with Calmare® Therapy, a non-narcotic, non-invasive medical procedure for the treatment of chronic pain. For more information about Calmare® Therapy, please click here.

Who is a candidate for treatment?

To determine the best course of treatment, your doctor will ask you a series of questions to get a better gauge of your medical history. He will want to know about the pain you experience, its severity, and your quality of life. He will likely order a series of diagnostic tests such as X-rays, CT scans, or MRI imaging that can help him in confirming his diagnosis and determining the best treatment to suit your needs.

What is the recovery process?

Recovery can vary from person to person and depends on several factors, including your age, the severity of your condition, and the type of treatment you underwent. If after treatment your pain continues to persist, follow up with your doctor.

Patients are under medical management during the recovery phase with an emphasis on minimizing and reducing pharmaceutical usage.

Calmare Pain Relief Solutions offers non-narcotic, non-invasive options for the treatment of spinal stenosis to the residents of Staten Island, Brooklyn, and the surrounding communities in New York.

Our team of physicians, who boast more than 30 years of combined experience in neuropathy and are certified in the administration of Calmare® Therapy, is specially trained to help you manage and treat a number of pain conditions, including back pain, chest pain, neck pain, and nerve pain, as well as the pain often associated with cancer treatment. We also treat other painful conditions such as pain associated with shingles, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). To schedule a consultation with one of our specialists, call Calmare Pain Relief Solutions at 718-984-9020.

Written by Calmare Pain Relief Solutions August 21, 2013